PTV’s poor management of Geelong “zoning error”

Geelong’s Public Transport Users Association (PTUA) has slammed Public Transport Victoria’s handling of a recent Myki “zoning error”. The error has seen Geelong residents being overcharged 80 cents or more per bus trip during the last year. Public Transport Victoria (PTV) said on Monday they have “identified a fix” for the zoning error which will be in place next week. But PTUA Geelong said PTV was very “disappointing” and “poor” in their management of the situation. “PTV have known of the error for a long time,” PTUA Geelong Convener Paul Westcott said. “And when people complain about it, they say ‘we’ll have a look at it’ and then they give the customer a refund.” PTUA Geelong has said PTV finally “pulled their finger out”. “This hadn’t been fixed for at least a year or maybe more,” Westcott said. “They’ve only taken action now because it’s gained a bit of publicity.” PTV was contacted but did not provide a response. The Minister

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