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6 things Melburnians hate about Melbourne

Melbourne is revered for its cafe culture, its quality coffee, and its weaving, art-filled laneways. It has held the title of the world’s most liveable city six times, but despite the accolades, there are six things Melburnians love to hate about their city. 1.  Public transport and myki There is nothing Melburnians hate more than […]

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The Good, The Bad and The HILDA (Part 2)

Data from the new Household, Income and Labor Dynamics (HILDA) survey has shown younger Australians are choosing to live in the family home for longer. The report, released earlier this week, showed a spike in the number of 22-25 year olds who are living in their parents’ house.Luke Venditti, a 23-year-old certified book-keeper who is working full-time while […]

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Are Australian seniors fed-up with millennials?

Australian seniors think millennials are impolite and too politically correct, a new survey says. The Australian Seniors Insurance Council’s Modern Australian Manners report showed 88% of Australians over 50 think Australian society is too politically correct. The majority of seniors also said they find it frustrating to be politically correct all of the time, blaming their younger […]

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