Probus Club milestone, Diamond Valley Leader

THE Probus Club of Eltham has celebrated 25 years of providing friendship and fun for retirees.

The club has been a support network for retired professionals, holding monthly meetings and social activities for its members.

Club president Joyce Pearce said the club was the “best thing for retired people”.

“Before you join Probus, you might only have 10 friends,” she said.

“But you gain around 100 new friends just by being part of it.”

The club boasts 98 members, with their ages varying from 60 years old to one member who has passed her century.

“We have a few members who have been here from the very start,” Mrs Pearce said.

“One lady is 101, and although she doesn’t come to meetings often, she’s still a member.”

Mrs Pearce said the club had stayed united because its members always pitched in. “We haven’t had any hard times,” she said.

“The club can’t run without a president or secretary, but the members have always been willing to put in their little bit.”


(First published in the Diamond Valley Leader on June 21st 2017)

Probus Club, Diamond Valley Leader (June 21 2017).jpg

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