From bags to swag mats, Maribyrnong Leader

THE Maidstone Community Centre is running a series of plarn (plastic bag yarn) workshops throughout June in an effort to help both the environment and the homeless.

Centre facilitator Pam Johnson said plastic bags that would otherwise go to landfill were “transformed into something new and useful”.

“Our group are making swag mats which will be donated to the homeless along with a beanie and scarf,” Ms Johnson said. “The group as a collective will decide which charity they go to.”

The creative process is quite complex, with the group needing to cut, sort, and crotchet the plastic bags into the final product.

Ms Johnson said it takes about 700 plastic bags to make one man-sized swag mat.

Classes run on Fridays from 9.30am to 11.30am in the Maidstone Community Centre and are free to all members of the public. The workshops will continue until June 30, with new classes starting from July 21.

To book, contact the Maidstone Community Centre on 9688 0543, via email at or visit its website at

(First published in the Maribyrnong Leader on June 20th 2017)
Plarn workshop, Maribyrnong Leader (June 20 2017).jpg

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