Bart Willoughby launches new album at Thornbury Theatre, Preston Leader

PIONEERING indigenous Australian musician Bart Willoughby’s latest album is bringing the sounds of city and the Australian bush together.

Willoughby has interwoven recordings of the Melbourne Town Hall organ, the Federation Bells in the CBD, and atmospheric sounds of the Kimberley’s Bungle Bungles National Park for his new album, Resonance.

“It was a beautiful chaos,” he said.

“People die for that sort of recording and those sounds.

“I knew I found what I was looking for.”

Willoughby was a founding member of indigenous Australian reggae bands No Fixed Address and Mixed Relations and a lead drummer for Yothu Yindi in the late 1980s.

While the 57-year-old was well-known for his social justice hits, We Have Survived, Black Man’s Rights and Aboriginal Woman, this new record has showed his lighter side.

“I was a tough little rebel when I was younger,” he said. “But now I’m a bit calmer and not as head strong.”

“I’m more in love with life and I’m more inquisitive.”

Willoughby’s new album Resonance will be launched at the Thornbury Theatre on Sunday July 9.

Tickets for the launch can be purchased at the door or online.


(First published online on June 21st 2017, and in the Northcote and Preston Leaders on July 4-5th 2017)

Bart Willoughby (Preston Leader, July 4 2017).jpgBart Willoughby (Northcote Leader, July 5 2017).jpg

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