Queensland man fined for driving while suspended

A 27-year-old Queensland man has been convicted of driving while suspended and fined $1000 at the Melbourne Magistrates Court this morning.

Ahmad Hablis pleaded guilty on the grounds he was “unaware” his licence was suspended at the time of the offence.

A Victoria Police representative told the Magistrate Police spoke to Hablis after he parked in a disabled spot at Melbourne Airport on the night of June 24.

A licence check revealed Hablis had been suspended on last December for speeding offences.

The suspension was valid until July 17, 2015.

Hablis moved to Queensland after the offence and failed to appear at his mention hearing at the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court in June.

A warrant for his arrest was listed and Hablis turned himself into Victoria Police yesterday morning.

Hablis said he wanted to “deal with” the charge so he could return to Queensland.

“It’s the last case I’ve got,” Hablis said. “I just want to have it over and done with so I can go back home.”

Magistrate Martin said he “appreciated” Hablis had travelled from Queensland for the case even though he was not required.

“It is evident you have taken responsibility for your actions and are treating the matter seriously,” Magistrate Martin said.

But the Magistrate said the offence still required a fine.

“Driving while suspended is the second most prevalent traffic offence put before the Magistrates Court,” Magistrate Martin said. “As a result, a conviction is warranted.”

Hablis has until January next year to pay the fine.

(Written on 7/10/15)

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