Practice Hard News Story- Danielle comes to judgement

Hi readers!

This week we started to work on how to report on court cases. We were given a fictional scenario where a woman was was charged with theft.

Here is what I came up with:

Tara Cosoleto                                                                                                           Court report, Mrs Miller


Lonsdale East housewife Danielle Miller was today charged with theft after stealing $7.95 worth of goods from Greener’s Supermarket last week.

Miller pleaded not guilty on the grounds a “flash migraine” caused her to mistake her handbag for the shopping basket in the Melbourne Magistrates Court today.

“I must have closed it without realising the goods were inside it,” Miller said. “I had no intention of stealing the goods.”

But the Magistrate said her defence was “not plausible”.

“I do not accept your version of events,” the Magistrate said. “I find it unacceptable that members of the public have to pay increased prices on goods to cover the cost of those stolen by thoughtless individuals.”

Miller will have one month to pay the $400 fine.


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