Practice Hard News Story- The Goolding Inquiry

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Here’s another practice hard news story. Once again, this is based on a fictitious scenario (for more about it, see here:

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Independent Minister Fergus Williams confirmed he was “in talks” to form an alliance with new Opposition Leader Dan Millar at the Goolding Inquiry this morning.

In today’s inquiry Media Advisor to the leader of the opposition Malcolm Tucker said Minister Williams had “already opened up a private channel” to Mr Millar.

“They’re in talks about possibly setting up a coalition,” Tucker said. “Williams knows this coalition government is being torn to pieces, like a breadstick at a picnic.”

When questioned, Mr Williams admitted to being in conversation with Millar.

“I was part of a team who had very general, non-committal discussions with Mr Miller amongst others,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Williams said he had been frustrated at the lack of opportunity to steer party policy through his department.

“Yes there have been blockages,” Mr Williams said. “There has been someone who has been rather inept and has hampered a lot of our initiatives.”

Opposition Leader Dan Millar has not yet provided comment.

The inquiry was set up to investigate the practice of dissemination of confidential information after leaks to the media resulted in the suicide death of National Health Services housing campaigner Douglas Tickell.

Questioning will continue tomorrow.

If you or someone else needs support, contact Lifeline of 13 11 14.


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