Practice Hard News Story- Moonee Valley City Council

Hi readers!

Last week, Councillor Janette Chantry from Moonee Valley City Council came to speak to us about local government in Australia and the role of journalists in politics. She also told us what was of concern to the Moonee Valley City Council and its residents.

In response to her lecture, we were given the task to write a hard news story on the experience.

Here is my article:

Skyrocketing Moonee Valley house prices are knocking first-home buyers out of the property race.

Speaking to a group of RMIT journalism students today, Councillor Janette Chantry said “demand was dictating” development in the area and property developers were taking advantage.

“Our land has become so valuable,” Councillor Chantry said. “The developers justify their actions because the state government is pushing for it.

“But we just can’t cope.”

Councillor Chantry said the development boom would affect Moonee Valley’s “sense of community”.

“Moonee Valley already has an aging population,” Councillor Chantry said. “But with these developments, young people will have to stay home until they’re 30.”


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