Practice Hard News Story: Pop-cultural Product

Hello readers!

So this is another practice hard news story to get back into the swing of things. It’s obviously fictional as it’s set in the Harry Potter universe.

So here it is…

Mass murderer Sirius Black is on the run after escaping from Azkaban Prison last night.

Black murdered Peter Pettigrew and 12 Muggles in a violent scene 13 years ago and has been in the high security prison ever since.

Black betrayed his one-time friends James and Lily Potter to the Dark Lord in 1981.

Voldemort murdered the Potters but their son Harry survived.

There are concerns Black will try to get into Hogwarts to attack the Boy-Who-Lived.

But Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore last night called for calm.

“Hogwarts is as safe now as it’s ever been,” Dumbledore said. “No harm will come to the children under my watch.”

Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge said it was “not wise to approach Black”.

“He is a violent and unstable man,” Fudge said. “If you see him, send a patronus to the Auror Department at the Ministry of Magic for his immediate capture.”


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