Practice Hard News Story- Reporting in a Multicultural Society

Hi readers!

Australia is a multicultural society with many different ethnic groups who have their own customs and beliefs. Therefore, it is important for journalists to be respectful to all of these groups. When reporting, they must only emphasise a person’s race when relevant and avoid any sorts of presumptions or stereotypes.

In our tutorial last week, we wrote the start of an article on a fictional scenario where Muslim girls were banned from wearing headscarves while playing netball. We were also told to find other sources we would want to interview on the issue. This was to make sure our articles represented both sides of the story.

Here was my attempt…

The State Netball Association has banned Muslim girls from wearing headscarves with their uniform, effectively preventing them from playing.

President of the SNA Sharon Ball said players had not been banned from the competition, and instead the ban was a “question of dress code”.

“They have been banned from wearing scarves with their uniforms,” Ms Ball said. “I don’t see why they should be forced to cover up.”

The decision has angered City West netballers and members of the Muslim community.
“Schools must ‘reasonably accommodate’ their students’ religious practices,” parent Mona Samander said. “I don’t see why sporting groups are any different,”

Other people to interview for comment:


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