Erik Jensen and The Saturday Paper- Hard News Story

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

As you can probably guess, this is another practice hard news story. But this A) actually happened and B) was super interesting.

Last Monday, editor Erik Jensen came to speak to us future journalists in the format of a mock press conference.

For those of you who are not quite familiar with Erik, he’s a Walkley Award winning Journalist, and at just the age of 25 became the founding editor of The Saturday Paper. For more info about him, check out this link:

He was really interesting to listen to, giving us great insight into newsroom hierarchy and what it actually takes to be a Journalist. He also gave some great advice as to how students like us could break into the Journalism industry.

After all his inspiring words, we were told to write a hard news story on the press conference, choosing the angle that was most ‘newsworthy’.

So here’s the article that I came up with….

The Saturday Paper editor has said ‘print media is not dead’.

Speaking to a group of Journalism students on Monday, Erik Jensen said print was still important.

“Print remains the best place to read long form Journalism,” Jensen said. “Even though formats have changed, the audience’s desires haven’t.”

Jensen said he decided to start a print publication even with all of the “disruption in newsrooms”.

Jensen said creating and sustaining an audience was “about doing the little things better than anyone else”.

“You need to question yourself,” Jensen said. “Is this a story for me or for my readers?”

But Jensen said in the changing media climate, print would never be the only source of news.

“Newspapers used to do everything,” Jensen said. “Now that will never be sustainable.”

But he was confident “old models of journalism were discarded before they were broken” and print still had a place alongside digital news.

“Our readership is bigger than The Financial Review,” Jensen said. “Now we just need to be bigger than The Australian and we’ll be the biggest national paper.”


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