First Practice Hard News Story

Hi readers!

I’m back again although this time with my first ‘Hard News’ story. Just letting you know that the incident I’ve reported on is completely fictitious.

Here it is…

Three children are among four dead after a school bus and national coach crashed in Smalltown yesterday afternoon.

A Rural Ambulance spokesperson said a total of 20 people were injured, five of them critically.

“I heard huge bang like a bomb going off,” an eyewitness said. “It looked like the buses had slammed head on.”

Called into question is the safety of the intersection.

Witnesses said the corner of Ocean Parade and Scenic Highway “is so dangerous” and the community has “been kicking up about it for years”.

Police declined to comment on the cause of the incident but further investigations will take place in coming days.

The crash has had a “devastating affect” on this small community.

Primary school headmistress, Caroline Primm, said the children had been looking forward to this trip “for weeks”.

“To have it end like this is just too terrible,” she said.


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