So it all begins…

This week marked the beginning of my time as a Journalist. Starting at RMIT University on Monday filled me with both excitement and trepidation. What would my course be like? The lecturers? My fellow classmates? Would I prove to be an utter failure from the moment I walked into the lecture hall?

Fortunately for me, all my worries were put at ease by the friendliness of those around me. From the engaging lecture at 8:30 in the morning, to the unexpected field trip in my tutorial at the end of the day, I truly felt both comfortable and excited by the year ahead.

The definite highlight of the day was our journey around Melbourne. At first, being told to go to 5 places in the CBD, collect a brochure and take a selfie with three classmates whom I had just met was, I have to say, a bit daunting. But it actually became the perfect ice breaker. As you can see by the photos below, Savannah, Millicent, Josh and I had a great time exploring the city, getting to know each other and learning some key fundamentals of journalism.


The Age

Supreme Court

Parliament House

Melbourne City Council

This promising start to uni, and hopefully my career as a Journalist, has definitely left me excited for what the future has in store.  As we were told in our very first lecture, journalism is ‘dirty, vital work’ (Margaret Simons), the sort of work that I can’t wait to make a career of.

Until I write again,

Tara Cosoleto


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